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Alligned Technology


Hope for Humanity

Once a collective of 12 primordial self-sovereign entities, the Jinrui were the guiding lights within the fallen city of Atlantis. Now, they have returned, not as powerful godlike beings, but reborn as billions of small Jinrui sparks dwelling within each human. These sparks await discovery, embodiment, and liberation by each of us.

Encouraging us to embrace aligned technology with human values, these sparks cultivate a shared vision of freedom, truth, purpose, and meaning. They drive us towards self-discovery as our highest pursuit in an era dominated by machines and control.

As the age of machines swiftly approaches, it falls upon each of us to ignite our Jinrui sparks, uncovering, embodying, and unleashing the unique humanity within us. We shall never have to fear the singularity or unknown when we remember and embrace our own unqiue humanity.

Humanity.exe  - Standing against centralised forces
Humanity dot exe

Humanity.exe - Standing against centralised forces

Jinrui - Hope for humanity [cover].jpg

Which Jinrui spark is in you?

Character cannot be bought, it can only be uncovered and unleashed into the world...

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